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For me, the best recipes are those which are easy to prepare and deliver heaps of flavour, perfect for sharing with friends and family without having to single anyone out because of a specialised diet.

My love for cooking and adapting recipes for my own dietary requirements has given me the incentive to share tips with others who also live with restricted diets.

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday Gathering

Having been brought up in a household where Sundays are always approached with trepidation and crammed full of work that failed to be completed during the week, I think it's important to admit defeat for at least a few hours in order to start the coming week with some sanity. Despite the madness that occurs on a Sunday back home, having a family dinner together is always something that we would try to make happen. Happy to say, unlike most households we don't stick to the usual Sunday roast which I find to be too repetitive both in flavour and in special requests. As a family it's often a struggle to find something that everyone will enjoy without having to do potatoes and gravy five different ways.

Gwyneth Paltrow has just brought out a cookery book, I don't want to say LOL, but it only seems fitting-This woman is renowned as a follower of the macrobiotic and raw food diets, she called her child Apple for goodness sake. I watched her do an interview on "something for the weekend" today; reluctantly taking a bite of a scouse dessert named "wet nelly" (basically take any leftovers from your cupboard and cook them in a pastry dish, then serve with clotted cream.)

With a carefree manner, she talked about how much of a foodie she is and how much she enjoys fried food and cheeseburgers, I think it's safe to quote the entire nation here: "You're not fooling anyone love!". The one thing I did agree with her on however,  was the importance of no matter how hectic a life you lead, sitting down as a family or with friends to eat at least once a week is a definate must.

Since starting at Uni, I've kept this notion in mind and will cook something quick and easy with friends to finish off the week. Emphasis on quick and easy because after all, it is still a Sunday, hence most of us are hungover. Tonight I will be making sweet chilli chicken stir fry and noodles-unadventurous I know, but it's quick and tasty, giving me more time to veg out and catch up with people.

As we're once again having Summer early, I took advantage of this last weekend and spent all Sunday in the park with one of the girls, a fat Sunday paper and a picnic of antipasto including proscuitto ham for the carnivores, an array of mixed olives, artickoke hearts and roast, stuffed peppers, followed by meringue nests and raspberries, bliss.

So although I will never be convinced that Gwyneth ever eats the fatty foods she claims to or that she has more than a nibble of the dishes in her cook book, (insert image of Paltrow munching on an apple crumble muffin like she means it) no, doesn't compute for me either. But atleast she has the right idea about Sundays and the importance of not eating alone. I'll end with a quote from a reviewer for the Guardian who read the stick insect's book:

Duck ragu One year Jamie Oliver came round to cook me lunch on my birthday. I expect he does that for you, too. He cooked this amazing duck pasta and I have literally spent the last 250 years trying to perfect it. Get a surgeon to give another duck at the Malibu Center for Desperately Sick Mallards a chance of life by transplanting the heart of the duck you are going to eat. Roast duck for two hours, then discard all fat. Not that I have any. Serve with spaghetti.

Somehow I don't think they were a fan.

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